To come to Jadida

By plane:Schedules

Visit the site of Royal air Maroc, the regular line for Morocco.
Site very well done, just select your dates ans towns of departure and arrival

                       By road

By bus, I only know the "Euroligne" company which organizes travel to Casablanca from many towns of Europe. Then you can continue to El Jadida with the buses Marocains company CTM or with a "Mercedes taxi" (piled up but not very expensive) More sympathetic, by train train.
By car + ferry boat: When crossing Spain, take a Algésiras/Tanger ticket . While approaching Algeciras many companies propose tickets all along the motorway. You can also buy it on place . Arrived to Tangier, count approximately 4h30 of road for El Jadida.

Map of Morocco which I scanned for you.  A little heavy (137 KB) but one needs what it is necessary for the image definition... Detail of the roadmap to come directly from Spain to El Jadida Plan of el Jadida.  Rather rudimentary and partial but it is the only one which I found to date (96 KB)

Maps of Marocco and plan of El Jadida

By train : Schedules

Schedules and tariffs on the site of the ONCF
(Moroccan railroads) very well done

Just select Casablanca voyageurs /El Jadida

Shuttle from the airport towards Casablanca Voyageurs'station (3€)

Mohammed V
1st train:
6 h 45
Following trains: Idem every hour at
X h 45
 (ex: 7 h 45)
Last train :
22 h 45
Station of Casablanca Voyageurs 1st train:
7 h 18
Following trains: Idem every hour at
X h 18
 (ex: 8 h 18)
Last train:
 23 h18

By taxi

  Another solution, to travel from the airport to El Jadida, rent a car at the airport  or take a taxi.

We may also come to seek you at the airport. In this case the tariff will be of 59 € for the way Casablanca El Jadida and conversely. 69 € of night charge in the event of arrival to the airport after 22 H or of return from El Jadida before 8 H of the morning. 
Cheaper the "Mercedes taxis" than you can take at the "station routiére" of Casablanca. Count 4 euros by person maximum, but you will have to be piled up with 5 people (+ the driver!) and to have the heart well hung because of their way of driving ... Another solution " to not be piled up" ,is to regulate several places.


- Valid passport good for at least 6 months beyond return date is required. Citizens of the EU whose stay of at least a minimum of 3 hotel nights paid to a travel agency can be admitted with an indentity card. However, a passport is necessary to change money or to fill out the police registration form in the hotel.

- Visas are not necessary for EU citizens, but the stay cannot exceed 3 months without an extension. Two weeks before the expiration, it is necessary to request an extension for another 3 months at the nearest police station.

- If you arrive from Spain, the easy and efficient police formalities of scanning the passport are carried out on board at the time of crossing.

- For entry by car, your assurance is valid in Morocco. If your insurance does not cover this country, it is necessary to take out an additional insurance at the border town. For rental cars, a written authorization from the rental agency is necessary.